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Tidal Management is the perfect place for ambitious people who are looking for a great professional opportunity. We’re always on the hunt for creative minds, passionate individuals, and people with innovative ideas. Our team works in an open environment that encourages collaboration, offers guidance and constant learning opportunities so you can reach your full potential — all while helping others do the same!

Stand out from the crowd

Tidal Management is revolutionizing the way companies like AT&T are finding new customers. With our methods, we focus on training our people to be more successful while also taking products and services directly to the consumer. Our cutting-edge approach gives us an edge over other companies in an overly crowded marketplace.

San Jose: The Gateway to Unmatched Career Opportunities in Sales & Marketing

At Tidal Management, our commitment goes beyond the conventional. Based in the heart of San Jose, we pride ourselves on providing unparalleled Entry Level Sales Jobs in San Jose and unmatched Entry Level Marketing Jobs in San Jose. We recognize the fervor and ambition that budding professionals bring, which is why our Job Openings in Sales and Marketing Job Opportunities stand out in the competitive marketplace. But what truly sets Tidal Management apart? It's our holistic approach to nurturing talent. We offer cutting-edge management and leadership training programs, ensuring that every individual is well-prepared to tackle the challenges of the dynamic sales and marketing world. Whether you're eyeing Sales Job Vacancies or looking for the next big Job Openings in Marketing in San Jose, we have the tools and training to set you on a path to success.

For those keen on professional and personal growth, the opportunities at Tidal Management are boundless. From Marketing Career Opportunities to Sales Career Opportunities, our vast array of roles including Account Managers, Management Trainees, Entry Level Grads, Marketing and Communications Associates, Junior Account Manager, Field Sales and Marketing Representative, and Sales and Customer Service Associate ensures there's a perfect fit for everyone.

Reach out to us and discover the unique blend of Career Opportunities San Jose offers. Whether it's Sales Job Opportunities or Marketing Job Vacancies, at Tidal Management, your growth is our mission.

Perks and Benefits

At Tidal Management, we believe that a successful career isn’t just about paychecks. It’s about having potential for growth and development, surrounding yourself with people who challenge and sharpen you, and being able to keep gaining new skills that set you apart from the rest. That’s why we offer meaningful perks that make sure our employees have everything they need to grow personally and professionally.

We do this by:

  • Providing travel opportunities
  • Personal guidance
  • Curated and personal feedback

  • Professional development
  • Mentorship
  • Flexible environment

Training and certification

At Tidal Management, we understand that knowledge is power. Our certification course will equip you with the business skills and real-world experience that are essential for professional growth. Our 6-12 month curriculum offers invaluable training plus hands-on experience and real time feedback – not to mention important industry standards and compliance insights related to telecoms, sports, government and healthcare sectors.

Our program boasts all the resources necessary in order to have rewarding insights into life at work; from learning how different departments operate together within business entities through hands-on experiences and understanding what standards & compliance look like when dealing with clients at any given company. Never feel lost or overwhelmed again by understanding each process and gaining confidence along the way!

Your Career in Sales and Marketing Begins Here in San Jose!

Sales & Marketing Agency in California

Our experienced team allows you to carve a career you’ve long desired, along with the support and mentorship you need to excel. We’re looking for problem-solving positive thinkers, the easy-going hard workers. Sounds like you? Send us a cover letter and your resumé to to join us. Tidal Management offers Job Opportunities in Entry-Level Sales, Marketing & Business Management across San Francisco, San Bruno, Palo Alto, Berkeley, Oakland, Hayward, Fremont, San Jose and the surrounding cities.


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