Tidal Management Team

  • Patrick Thompson

    Patrick Thompson


    Patrick was born and raised in New Jersey. Before founding Tidal Management, Patrick worked in the Restaurant industry while attending college where he studied Sports Management with a minor in Marketing. He also played Volleyball during his collegiate career. In his spare time, Patrick enjoys Golfing, Surfing, attending sporting events and many other outdoor activities. Patrick Is also an avid Philadelphia Sports fan. Patrick is a firm believer in the success of an individual comes with the success of the team. Patrick’s future goals are to continue to help the individuals around him grow and develop both personally and professionally and provide them with the same opportunity that he was provided with.

  • Marqus


    Human Resource Manager

    Marqus is from Willingboro, New Jersey. Before working at Tidal Management he was in the military and worked in the factory industry. In his free time he enjoys watching and playing football. Since working here at Tidal he has learned how to be a student at all times and to never say no to an opportunity. His future goals are to retire with Tidal Management and be able to offer the same life changing opportunity that was presented to him.

  • Keilin


    Hiring Manager

    Keilin was born and raised in Tyler, Texas. Before moving out to California Keilin was a manager at a dance boutique and attended college at Texas A&M University where she studied Event Management and Marketing. She was also a collegiate dancer at her school. In her spare time Keilin enjoys dancing, pilates and traveling. Keilin lives by the phrase “Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.” Her future goal is to continue helping out the company in any way she can while investing time into real estate and her professional dance career.

  • Lanae


    Hiring Associate

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  • Conner


    Branch Manager

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  • Nicholas


    Branch Manager

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  • Evan


    Branch Manager

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  • Luke


    Branch Manager

  • Nanbol


    Training Manager

    Nanbol is originally from Nigeria. Before working at Tidal Management he was a Data Analyst at the Ministry of Communication. Some lessons that Nanbol has learned working here is that pressure is a privilege. We can’t let opportunities to test ourselves pass by us. Pressure is the privilege to try even-harder, to win bigger, and to experience the full range of feelings that life has to offer us for the brief time we are here. Nanbol’s future goal is to open and run a new Verizon location in the next three months.

  • Fernando


    Compliance Manager

    Fernando was born in Mexico but raised in California. Before working at Tidal Management he was a General Manager at Wendy’s. He enjoys cars, traveling and learning new skills. While working here he has learned how to build great habits for himself. His future goals are to retire his parents and have a beautiful family and home.

  • Abraham


    Account Manager

  • Chris


    Account Manager

  • Gabriel


    Account Manager

  • Roland


    Account Manager

  • David


    Account Manager

  • Mark


    Account Manager

  • Rodrick


    Account Manager

  • Jay


    Account Manager

  • Dennis


    Account Manager

  • Marianna


    Account Manager

  • Stergio


    Account Manager


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