Exceptional Corporate Training

Our program isn’t just about getting you a job today, it’s about setting you up for success. You will get an understanding of how to build a results-oriented career with proven methods and strategies that are tailored to your strengths and goals. Unlike typical corporate training programs, we take into account your individual skill set and offer personalized advice on how to achieve success in the long run.

Our Training Program

  • Training

    At Tidal Management, we offer two weeks of intensive classroom training that gives our employees direct access to upper management. Our unique program provides students with a comprehensive crash course in what it takes for success in any sort of professional environment.

  • Feedback system

    With our real-time feedback system and experienced mentors, you’ll get immediate guidance on how to refine your skills for success. Our carefully designed approach works with all skill levels, from beginner to experienced professionals.

  • Placements

    We believe great responsibility comes with opportunities for growth, development, and success. So if you’re looking for a spot that rewards hard work then we’re what you’ve been searching for. We have positions available in administration, marketing, customer service, sales and more

    - so get ready to put those skills to the test!

What will you learn

Tidal Management’s program is designed to give you a competitive edge. Our curriculum provides in-depth knowledge, training and experience that will help boost your product knowledge, marketing tactics, sales process, management skills, and more. We cover it all - so you can stay two steps ahead of the competition!

Product knowledge and compliance

We understand that keeping up with all of the regulations and procedures can be tough. That’s why we offer training to help you stay on top of it all. Our training will provide you with an understanding of the business model, customer needs, value propositions, and industry compliance so that you can add more value to the company. During your training you will learn:

  • The art of delivering compelling sales and marketing pitches.
  • Unique techniques that can help you learn how to work with real products, companies, and get real-time feedback.
  • Everything from start to finish in a fun and interactive learning environment.

Enhance your Communication Skills

We offer personalized training sessions and courses tailored specifically to improving your speaking capabilities. You'll learn how to sound professional while also being witty through our proven techniques. Plus, you get the advantage of practicing in different environments so you can speak confidently no matter where you go!

We will help you master:

  • Lesson: 1

    Networking relationships

  • Lesson: 2

    Engagement with people

  • Lesson: 3

    Responding to questions with comfort

  • Lesson: 4

    Interpreting body language, expressions and direct communication

Business Management Skills

From learning about essential business principles to discovering best practices and strategies, we’ll show you how to be more successful than ever before. Our classes will give you hands-on experience in accounting, customer service, sales forecasting, marketing strategies, budgeting and much more! You will learn:

  • Personal and professional development skills
  • Interview skills
  • Building a team

Path to Leadership

Tidal Management offers much more than just your standard 9 to 5. We make sure that our employees have access to the resources they need to exceed their career goals. Our Leader Certification Program is designed with your success in mind, providing mentorship and guidance towards finding the right role within our organization. Achieve greater heights with our program - take control over your career path and get the experience necessary for leadership roles. With us by your side, you'll attain better work life balance, feel fulfilled at work, receive recognition from peers and management; all while furthering yourself professionally.

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Tidal Management offers Job Opportunities in Entry-Level Sales, Marketing & Business Management across San Francisco, San Bruno, Palo Alto, Berkeley, Oakland, Hayward, Fremont, San Jose and the surrounding cities.

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At Tidal Marketing, we’re allowing you to carve a career you’ve long desired, along with the support and mentorship you need to excel. We’re looking for problem-solving positive thinkers, the easy-going hard workers. Sounds like you? Send us a cover letter and your resumé to info@tidalmgmt.com to join us.

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Unveil Leadership & Business Management Training Avenues with Us!