How COVID Has Changed Our Lives

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Sales and marketing companies did a lot of work through the pandemic, with many companies thinking it would be cost-effective to outsource their sales and marketing and get rid of those teams. We were working with many clients to assist with getting their sales numbers moving as the markets started opening up. 

Many changes came about during the pandemic with lockdowns and curfews, but the most significant would likely be that people were getting a lot of their work done remotely. We were working with them to understand the processes they work through.

If you had to predict the changes taking place, we would not be able to tell you what the future holds, but we are sure that we would figure it out and get through the process. Thankfully we haven’t had too many disruptions with COVID because of the kind of work we handle. We have had to make some adjustments to how we do things though. We’ve made many changes in the office to ensure every one is as safe as possible.

We had to make changes to the way we were communicating with everyone. In the past, we went through their homes, met them, and had conversations with them. However, with the changes brought about because of COVID-19, we could no longer get that done. Most of the changes have been for safer communication. Most of our meetings have been switched to zoom calls, so we don’t have clients or others coming into the office each day or week. When we have our everyday staff in the office, we make sure all chairs in the conference room are 6ft apart and that we’re wearing masks.

We’ve managed to stay in office during the pandemic. While there were lockdowns and other curfews, we would make sure that everyone was home and doing the best they could to meet timelines and deadlines. Some of the challenges with being in the office is just getting everyone used to the COVID protocols. All of it is new to everyone, so just learning what’s best to keep everyone around us as safe as possible. Make sure everyone is wearing the masks at all times, 6ft apart, when there are any spikes or scares in the office we have everyone get tested and check temps.

With the type of work we were getting done, we did not need people coming into the office. However, for those who did visit the office, we would make sure we worked with them and followed the COVID protocols. Furthermore, we sanitize at the end of every day. We also keep multiple sanitizers and Lysol bottles around the bottle so everyone can sanitize their hands whenever and spray anything they’ve touched throughout the day.

Additionally, there were challenges when we had to work remotely as well. We do have clients come in, but we have them come in once a week on the same day each week. We also have them wear their masks the whole time. They have to maintain social distance to the best of their ability. At the end of the day, we want to make sure that everyone we were working with was safe.

When it comes to remote meetings, Zoom has become our best friend. It is an easy-to-use software and has been quite manageable. We have been working with clients who are comfortable using the same software to get things done. We haven’t been a part of virtual public events and business Expos yet but are then happy to try something new.

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