Making A Difference In Customer Service With Tidal Management

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Tidal Management is a sales and marketing agency in Massachusetts and California. We are known for our creativity and innovation and believe in maintaining professionalism when it comes to working. We strive to be approachable and welcoming to everyone we meet and hope our work ethic reflects this. You will always find us up to date with our client’s requirements.

Moreover, our focus on employee growth, goals, and leadership skills is what helps us grow as a firm and also foster a successful company culture.

In the past few months, we expanded and opened our newest office here in LA and promoted an office manager to take over our Boston office. We’ve been consistently increasing our sales for clients each week. Our goal has been to raise sales by small amounts each week to have consistent, steady numbers for our clients.

People who work with us always have great things to say about our services. We get multiple Google reviews and make it a commitment to provide only the best customer service and to genuinely help others. We’ve received reviews from customers saying how great our sales/customer service reps are and are always friendly and respectable with customers. That is because we’ve had a few employees go above and beyond to ensure the consumers are set up with everything we need.

Here’s one of our latest reviews from a client:

“Motivational employees with great opportunities.”

Our clients have been extremely happy with how professional and helpful we are each time we work with them. The reason being whenever we hire a new employee, regardless of their career background, we offer everyone the same opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the company so they can grow with us. And because of our strong and diverse culture and professional development, the team can help our clients strategize and find better strategies to work with current and new markets with our unique business model, innovative approach, and customized product presentations.

We believe that when we dedicate ourselves, our clients will be able to maximize the number of consumers they work with so they can grow!

We are happy to convey that our performance has been stellar and our numbers rise each week which is what we wanted for our clients.

At Tidal Management, we live and breathe marketing every day by cultivating an atmosphere of innovation. We do this by focusing our attention on investing in our employees. We concentrate on building healthy relationships with both our clients and their customers, delivering efficient solutions to help their businesses grow.

We offer entry-level marketing and business management job opportunities across San Francisco, San Bruno, Palo Alto,Berkeley, Oakland, Hayward, Fremont, San Jose and the surrounding cities.

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