Things To Do/Know Before Starting or Choosing A Career In Marketing, Sales, And Customer Service

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Most businesses depend on sales, marketing, and customer service to generate revenues. And their major business comes from their team. So sales, marketing, and customer service executives are always in high demand in every industry. When you look for a sales job, you can work in any industry. All major industries have a sales department. There’s also lots of opportunity for learning and growth. At Tidal Management, we’re a good mix of a few different things, so you’ll get a broad range of skills and experience.

Skills required
Even if you are starting at the bottom, you will need to have great communication skills. This position is heavily based on communication skills. Being able to communicate with different types of people in different types of situations is key. Other than that, you also require soft skills such as organization, leadership, and time management. However, it is worth all the effort and investment as developing a career in sales, marketing, and customer service can be key to long-term stability and prosperity, from that first job all the way up to executive-level jobs.

And don’t worry. We’re huge on training! We always like to give everyone all the information and materials they need so that they are able to do the job daily but, more importantly, be successful at it. We like to set everybody up for success. 

Growth potential
You have plenty of growth opportunities in the industry, e.g., growth within sales/account management, office management, HR management, client management, etc. You can expect a salary of $50-60k a year as soon as you get into the industry, and it only goes higher. In this profession, there is no limit on your earnings. All you have to remember is that you will have to do a lot of networking. There is always someone around to learn from and guide you to be successful. 

As a leading sales and marketing agency in Massachusetts, at Tidal Management we live and breathe marketing every day by cultivating an atmosphere of innovation. We do this by focusing our attention on investing in our employees. We concentrate on building healthy relationships with both our clients and their customers, delivering efficient solutions to help their businesses grow. We offer entry-level marketing and business management job opportunities across San Francisco, San Bruno, Palo Alto,Berkeley, Oakland, Hayward, Fremont, San Jose and the surrounding cities.

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